Diversity and Inclusion

In the age of #metoo, diversity and inclusion are back on the agenda in a big way. But a proper people strategy goes beyond #metoo and delves deeper. Sexuality, race, culture, mental health, gender, religion – you name it, people care about it. 

It is important to let your people know you are listening. We approach this very seriously. We will come into your business and run one on one interviews with very member of staff, analyse the data and present it back to you. We will then work with you to identify and implement recommendations, including communicating it to your people.

Your people are your biggest asset, in both value and cost. Making them feel safe and listened to should be one of the most important aspects of your overall people strategy. Ultimately a diverse workforce serves a diverse market much more effectively. 

We also offer one off training days on diversity and inclusion at your site, where one of our trainers will come in and deliver an energetic, engaging and impactful session to your people on the importance of inclusion within increasingly diverse populations.