Who are your team?

You know their names. You’ve seen their resume. You know Dave eats his lunch at 12 and Kelly always goes to the gym before work. But do you know who they really are?

Knowing your people is just as important as knowing your customer. Knowing where someone fits into team dynamic helps you understand their true value. For example, Anna is always 10 minutes late to everything… do you know why? And does it really matter? Fahid doesn’t speak up much in team meetings, but always has the best ideas. What do you think would make him share more? Charlie is the best at getting a task done – maybe Fahid should come up with the idea and Charlie should implement it?

Everyone has a unique set of skills. Einstein said if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. Consider this:  if you measure the value of a fish by its ability to climb a tree you will spend all your time wondering why your team is underperforming.

There are many ways to understand your teams personality types, but its what you do with those results that can become tricky. A good team is like a well oiled engine, each component playing a vital role. Help us help you understand your people, then implement ways of working that improve productivity, workplace wellbeing and individual performance.