Wellbeing at work

Did you know that only 4% of 20,000 people surveyed for the ‘Mental Health at Work’ report in 2016 felt they could not go to HR with a problem relating to their wellbeing?

While we don’t have an actual figure, we are willing to bet that the cost of this businesses is huge. Think about it – have you ever considered moving jobs because you felt work was impacting your mental health or wellbeing negatively? Ever been unable to focus at home because you’re worried about something at work?

We can help your people. Having a coach on site at set times that your people can access improves performance and can help increase wellbeing in your organisation.

Wellbeing strategy should be at the heart of people strategy. If you would like to discuss this, just drop us a line via the ‘contact us’ button. We can help you implement a wellbeing strategy that your people will love and benefit from.